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26 . Jul . 2017
The right surface

Corkeen Play is a retained fall protection system for playgrounds made from cork. It has two cork layers, a flexible base layer, and a firm top layer. This means that the coating will maintain its characteristics even after years of use, protecting against falls. Cork is a completely natural material without toxins, mi…

Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork
Comfortable and Warm Feeling

The natural texture of cork combines softness and flexibility to the touch with a naturally uneven surface. The variable degree of irregularity is given by the type of cork used and the finish chosen.

27 . Sep . 2016
Cork Infill - V2

This product is a new generation of composite material incorporating cork. It is implemented as an innovative solution for use in artificial grass pitches: its application is similar to that of a substrate, replacing traditional recycled rubber pellets. V2 significantly reduces the surface temperature of the pitch, hav…

30 . Jul . 2020
2. Warranty terms

2.1. Seller hereby warrants that all Corkeen Products sold and delivered by Seller shall be free from defect or deficiency in material or manufacture and shall meet the Specifications. 2.2. In case there is any evident defect in the Corkeen Products discovered prior to installation, Seller will replace all such defecti…


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