Bringing nature back into play

One system, one mission: create safe and sustainable playgrounds for everyone to play in.

The greenest and safest answer

All children deserve to play in outdoor spaces where they can run, jump, and let their imagination run wild safely.

Spaces where falling are part of the game and are not a concern for parents.

The Corkeen system creates these spaces. Produced with 90% cork, it is the natural response to the creation of safe and environmentally friendly retained fall protection system in playgrounds.

  • A naturally positive brand

    Is there anything better than the sound of children laughing while playing and having fun on a playground?


    This is the essence of Corkeen: cork with a cheerful and keen spirit like that of children

    A comfortable, safe system in the event of a fall that protects the environment to provide today's children with a better future.


Commitment to the planet

Present in happy and relaxed moments, Corkeen is synonymous with sharing, positivity and hope for a better future and a better planet.

Corkeen is a breath of fresh air for the world of children and for the way they play and have fun outdoors, in playgrounds and in other recreational spaces.

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