Berlin, Germany

Corkeen system installed in a parkour circuit Case Studies

Cork offers safety to parkour practitioners

Corkeen's first project in Germany is an outdoor parkour circuit, around 200 m2, located in the office complex, TechoCampus Berlin, near to the Siemensstadt area.

The Corkeen system is made from cork and complies with the strict EN 1176 and EN 1177 safety standards. It is the ideal surface to cushion almost inevitable falls while learning and practicing parkour.

The system was installed by the Corkeen brand master for the German market, PAG Flooring Systems, in partnership with TraceSpace, who designed the parkour circuit with executives from Paul Wolff and Turnbar.

Siemensstadt 2.0, a city of the future

TechnoCampus, where the new parkour circuit is located, forms part of a broad renovation plan for Berlin’s Siemensstadt area. This is a joint initiative between Siemens, the city of Berlin and the municipality of Spandau which aims to completely transform the area by 2035, creating a new concept of life, work, and technological research.

One of the new Siemensstadt neighbourhood’s goals is to achieve carbon neutrality. This is why the choice of cork and the Corkeen system fully fits into the project. Produced using a natural, sustainable, and renewable raw material and with a negative carbon balance, the Corkeen system is one of the most innovative and sustainable products in the market for shock absorbing surfaces for play and recreation areas.


  • Client: Caleus GmbH / TCB S.à rl 
    Installation: PAG Flooring Systems
    Year of installation: 2022
    Dimensions: 205 m2

    Corkeenplay Siemensstadt 2

Applied solution

Corkeen Play Original was installed in situ by the Corkeen brand master for the German market, PAG Flooring Systems. The system is applied in two layers, a shock-absorbing base layer and a top layer resistant to wear and tear.

Why choose the Corkeen system?

Brand Master: PAG Flooring Systems

PAG Flooring Systems is the Corkeen brand master for the German market.

Based in the city of Wendeburg, Germany, PAG Flooring Systems specialises in the planning, installation and maintenance of flooring systems for leisure and recreation spaces. Operating in the market since 2010, it is a reference in the sector, with numerous projects implemented in different parts of Germany.



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