Poland is now ready to know the Corkeen system through our new partner: Eco Top

Eco Top Nawierzchnie Sportowe from Poland is the new Corkeen Brand Master. News

It is our first partnership in Eastern Europe, after successful partnerships in Scandinavia and the first projects in Portugal, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

With extensive experience in the market and recognized quality of service, Eco Top is the right partner to implement Corkeen solutions with rigor, responsibility and confidence.

  • Corkeen Brand Master

    Our business model is based on partnerships with our Corkeen Brand Masters, who represent the brand and its exclusive system.

    Corkeen Brand Masters are companies with recognized experience in the installation of playgrounds, certified by Corkeen to install and train other installers of Corkeen solutions within their geographic territory.


Eco Top

An experienced group within the sports surfaces and playgrounds industry founded Eco Top. Since 2008, this team has been accumulating experience, looking for and improving, over time, innovative solutions and products to offer to the market.

The excellent knowledge of the properties of each type of surface and the growing interest in the environment, health and safety of the younger generation is the motto for the development and research for more ecological and neutral technological solutions for children.

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Eco Top Website


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