Tensta, Sweden

Installation of Corkeen system in a housing complex playground Case Studies

Safety and sustainability

Stockholm's municipal housing company, Svenska Bostäder, chose Corkeen Play Original as an impact-absorbing surface for the playground of one of its most recent housing projects, located in Tensta.

Focused on creating safer housing and surrounding spaces for its users, the company valued the sustainability and security credentials of the Corkeen solution.

  • Client: Municipal housing company Svenska Bostäder

    Contractor: Delta Trädgårdsanläggningar Aktiebolag

    Year of installation: 2019

    Size: 45 m2

    Critical fall height: 1.45 m

    credits Corkeen by Amorim (6).jpg

Applied solution

The Corkeen Play Original is installed in situ as a two-layer system (a shock-absorbing base layer and a wear-resistant top layer), complying with EN1176 and EN117 standards.

Advantages of the Corkeen system