Corkeen Play Original

Revolutionary retained fall protection system for play spaces and playgrounds in natural cork

The right surface

Corkeen is the retained fall protection system for playgrounds produced in cork.

The Corkeen system has two layers of cork: a flexible base layer and a firm top layer. This means that the coating will maintain its characteristics even after several years of use, acting as an effective shock absorber protecting against falls.

Cork is a 100% natural, recyclable, renewable raw material. It is free of toxins, microplastics and endocrine disruptors, making it the ideal material to create playgrounds that respect children and the environment.

  • Safer and more accessible playgrounds

    The Corkeen system is the kind of surface on which we want to see our children play.


    Produced by Amorim, in accordance with strict safety standards (EN1176 and EN1177), it offers state-of-the-art technical performance and maximum safety for children. 


    As it is a compact system, the shock absorber surface does not move or spread with the wind, ensuring a permanent protection against falls in comparison with loose material systems such as sand, pine bark or chips.


    This stable surface also ensures that Corkeen is an inclusive system, providing full accessibility, even for a wheelchair or other mobility equipment.


    Corkeen is a patent pending system.

  • No harmful substances

    The Corkeen system incorporates natural cork, totally free from all types of toxins and chemicals such as heavy metals, EDC, T-COV, formaldehyde or PAH.


    In addition, unlike many fall protection materials, it does not contain plastic and rubber granules that could end up being released into the ecosystem and pollute nature. Thus, it contributes to reducing the spread of microplastics.


Cork vs. rubber: the natural alternative

The Corkeen system has several advantages when compared to conventional rubber-based retained fall protection systems.

Cork is hypoallergenic and, even when exposed to high temperatures, does not release odors. Being a natural insulator, it allows the reduction of the surface temperature by more than 20% when compared to some synthetic solutions.

In this way, in a park equipped with the Corkeen Play system, children can play even on the hottest days and even walk barefoot on the surface. Rain is also not a problem because the system has an excellent drainage capacity, keeping the surface dry and not slippery.

Cork is still a very light material, which means that Corkeen Play Original can be applied on surfaces where weight is an important factor.

Why choose Corkeen Play Original?

  • Sustainable and circular

    Corkeen Play Original is environmentally sustainable, composed of 90% cork, a raw material of natural origin, recyclable and renewable.


    The system’s production also follows circular economy principles, using leftovers from the cork industry as raw material. We thus reduce waste, ensuring that, as in nature, nothing is lost, and everything is transformed.


    More than 60% of the energy needs of our plants are met through the use of biomass (cork powder), a CO2 neutral energy source.


    At the end of the Corkeen system's life cycle, all materials are reusable, giving life to new products.


How is the Corkeen system applied?

The Corkeen Play Original is installed in situ as a two-layer system: a shock-absorbing base layer and a wear-resistant top layer.

To ensure the system’s quality and safety, Corkeen works in partnership with Brand Masters, companies with recognized experience in the installation of playgrouds that represent the brand and its system exclusively in their territory.

System components

Top Layer Engineered cork granules
Binder top Corkeen binder for top layer
Base layer Engineered cork granules
Binder base Corkeen binder for base layer

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