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Why should I choose the Corkeen system over other surface solutions?

It is a safe (retained) surface solution with features of great accessibility. It is made from a natural and sustainable raw material (cork). The system has great drainage capacity, free of chemical contamination, offers lower surface temperatures (due to cork’s natural isolating properties), is odorless, lightweight and fire retardant.

The Corkeen system was developed taking advantage of the Amorim Group’s innovation capacity and was fully validated by an external laboratory. The surface has been engineered to improve the system’s performance and comply with the necessary Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements.

This system is an innovation that addresses the rising health concerns of plastics and volatile substances associated to current impact absorption materials used in in-situ solutions.

Along with this technical development, Corkeen also enables its Brand Masters (exclusive distributors) to guarantee proper installation through the Corkeen Academy, assuring that the installation teams can develop and properly install this solution. A technical support team is always at client’s disposal in the event of any additional questions that may arise before, during and after installation.

Does the Corkeen surface material move over time?

The system is installed in situ using a primer that should guarantee that the system does not move over time. This needs to be properly applied according to the installation conditions.

It is important to choose the right edging materials to secure great adhesion properties. With the correct edging system and a proper installation, the surface will stay in place.

Is it more comfortable to walk on the Corkeen system?

Cork surfaces have sufficient capability to withstand heavy traffic and weight. One of cork’s characteristics is its "memory" and it therefore recovers well from compression, very much like a wine cork stopper that expands after being pulled out of a bottle.

Due to cork’s thermal insulation properties, the temperature is lower than synthetic surfaces. This makes it much more comfortable to walk on. Cork also possesses a soft natural touch, which is very pleasant for users.

Over the years, does Corkeen’s visual appearance maintain with regular cleaning or UV exposure?

Corkeen is made of cork, a natural material, and it will change color naturally with UV exposure, like other natural materials. Initially, the surface will become yellowish; after a few months or years, the surface will become lighter and reach a light grey finish when completely matured.

This exposure is only superficial, given that the UV rays only affect the immediate material in contact with the sun. This change of color does not affect the performance of the material.

Which safety standards does the Corkeen system comply with?

The system has been tested according to Critical Fall Height (CFH) criteria specified in EN1177, EN 1176, and ASTM1292.

Additional standards, that are not correlated with impact safety, have also been upheld, in accordance with the BS 7188. Reports are available for our Brand Masters.

What is the warranty period of the product? Is the shock absorption capacity of the Corkeen system maintained or does it decrease over time? How elastic is cork itself in mid- term?

The elasticity of the material is correlated with its impact absorption properties. Corkeen has a 5- year warranty, during which it maintains its CFH values

What is the composition of the Corkeen system that makes it safe for children and the environment?

The system is composed by CORKEEN TOP LAYER ENGINEERED CORK GRANULES, which are coated cork granules, free of heavy metals, EDCs, T-VOCs, formaldehyde or PAHs. CORKEEN BASE LAYER ENGINEERED CORK GRANULES are natural cork granules, free of heavy metals, EDCs, T-VOCs, formaldehyde, PAHs or any contaminations.

The cork granules are agglomerated with a polyurethane binder that is specially designed for the application, which is inert after curing. Proper installation safety needs to be assured, according to the specifications on the Safety Data Sheet of this material.

How does the cork respond mid-term to possible attacks by insects, fungi, moss, etc.?

Cork has antibacterial properties that indicate a low propagation of microorganisms.

How does cork react over the years to the high humidity and rainfall or frost typical of the climate in certain geographical areas?

Any material which is subjected to long-term exposure to humidity or frost will lose performance. Proper drainage needs to always be assured in an in-situ system, so that clients can benefit from the maximum lifetime of the product.


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