About our Brand Masters and Installation

Frequently Asked Question

What do I need to become a Corkeen Brand Master; and what do I get?

There are 3 requirements that a potential Brandmaster needs to fulfil:

a) Basic needs:
- Several years of in-house experience of our pour-in-place (PIP) system, with traditional SBR/EPDM installations.
- Installation capacity.
- Be willing to promote and sell a branded system.

b) Brand Masters’ obligations:
- Minimum starting order and purchase targets (yearly).
- Complete the installation training and certification process within the Corkeen Academy prior the installation of the first Corkeen project.
- Follow the guidelines of the installation manual.
- Use Corkeen components only.
- Provide a list of installation sites.
- Follow the guidelines in the Corkeen brand book.
- Invest in marketing tools & follow the guidelines of the Corkeen brand.

c) Brand Masters’ rights:
- Exclusivity of a defined territory in certain global areas.
- Existing and future product portfolio.
- Access to installation training (Corkeen Academy).
- Technical support.
- Marketing support.
- Use of marketing/ sales/ aftersales content (certificates, analysis reports etc.)
- Access to the Brand Master's network.

Can I purchase Corkeen components separately and combine them with other materials?

No, the Corkeen system has been conceived by Corkeen according to the expert guidelines acquired by the Amorim Group.

Can Corkeen surface be installed on rainy days?

Corkeen is an in situ system. This means that the cork granules are agglomerated with a PU resin, which cures with humidity and is accelerated by temperature. If the surface is humid, due to rain, this will accelerate the curing process and quality problems will arise. Corkeen should not therefore be installed on rainy days, as with any other in situ surface. This risks causing a bad quality installation.

What is the best way to clean the Corkeen surface?

See maintenance conditions documents specified to keep the surface clean here.

Who should I contact in case of damage to the surface?

Our Brand Masters are trained and should be experts with the surface. In the event that they cannot directly offer the support required, Corkeen has a technical team that can support you and the possibility to perform tests for any development. Find your local Brand Master here.




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