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26 . Jul . 2017
Sustainable and circular

Corkeen Play Original is environmentally sustainable, composed of 90% cork, a raw material of natural origin, recyclable and renewable.   The system’s production also follows circular economy principles, using leftovers from the cork industry as raw material. We thus reduce waste, ensuring that, as in nature, nothing…

30 . Nov . 2020
Bringing nature back into play

One system, one mission: create safe and sustainable playgrounds for everyone to play in.

27 . Sep . 2016
Preservation of the cork oak forest

It makes the cork viable in a unique manner, and as a result, the preservation of the cork oak forest, a unique example of green economy, which is based on a balance between economic, social and environmental issues. The constant concern to adopt and reinforce sustainable development practices makes Corticeira Amorim o…

02 . Apr . 2020
17 . Nov . 2016
Facts and Curiosities 12 . Oct . 2016
Facts and Curiosities
Does the cork oak need to be cut down to harvest the cork?

No. Stripping is carried out manually and the trees are never cut down. After each stripping, the cork oak undergoes an original process of self-regeneration of the bark, which gives the activity of cork harvesting a uniquely sustainable nature.

27 . Sep . 2016
Due to its generosity, the cork tree becomes the main reason for countless thriving villages and communities all over the Mediterranean.

Over one hundred thousand people in southern Europe and north Africa directly and indirectly depend on these forests, according to the WWF. These forests are a perfect example of the balance between preserving the environment and sustainable development - just the fact that no tree is felled during the stripping of the…

Case Studies 17 . Dec . 2020
Case Studies
Cork: safety and sustainability

The municipality of Bergen has chosen a small playground at Nordnesparken, a public park located near the city center, as the pilot for the Corkeen system. Developed and produced by Amorim, this system offers a retained fall protection for playgrounds made of natural cork. The Corkeen pilot is part of the ongoing proje…

Case Studies 17 . Dec . 2020
Case Studies

The existing wooden fence around the playground was subject to renovation works and kept there. New equipment was also installed, whose choice took into account the sustainable origin of the wood used in its manufacture and the possibility of being able to be used by children of all ages and abilities, promoting health…


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