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03 . Aug . 2021
What is the composition of the Corkeen system that makes it safe for children and the environment?

The system is composed by CORKEEN TOP LAYER ENGINEERED CORK GRANULES, which are coated cork granules, free of heavy metals, EDCs, T-VOCs, formaldehyde or PAHs. CORKEEN BASE LAYER ENGINEERED CORK GRANULES are natural cork granules, free of heavy metals, EDCs, T-VOCs, formaldehyde, PAHs or any contaminations. The co…

07 . Jun . 2021
Our values

Safe, sustainable, inclusive, and innovative.

Case Studies 02 . Dec . 2020
Case Studies
Outdoor work out in a safe environment

Nordic Surface, Corkeen brand master for the Swedish market, together with Glänta Design, a company specializing in outdoor gyms, has developed an outdoor maintenance circuit for the most recent project by the real estate developer Klövern, in the city of Solna. The space has three distinct areas for working out with…

30 . Nov . 2020
Bringing nature back into play

One system, one mission: create safe and sustainable playgrounds for everyone to play in.

09 . Jul . 2021
26 . Jul . 2017
02 . Apr . 2020
Articles 14 . Nov . 2018
Safer and more accessible playgrounds – Corkeen by Amorim

Given its positive contribution to outdoor and leisure areas, urban parks and playgrounds, cork can be used as a safe, stable and sustainable surface, due to its main characteristics: lower surface temperature, impact absorption, odorless, drainage capacity, lightweight, fire-retardant and hypoallergenic. Additionally,…

Case Studies 02 . Dec . 2020
Case Studies
Playing in harmony with nature

Surrounded by green, this playground in the city of Varberg, Sweden, uses the Corkeen system as an impact-absorbing surface, creating a safe space where children can let their imagination run wild. The project was developed by KPLN Design AB in partnership with the Corkeen brand master for the Swedish market, Nordic S…

News 26 . Sep . 2019
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Urban Play is a company dedicated to develop, promote and enhance the outdoor spaces in the cities for a safe and inclusive local for children and young people. With more than 16 years of experience in the playgrounds area, this company is focused on innovating in design and raising the standards of quality and safety…

News 27 . Sep . 2019

The distinction was given in an innovation competition promoted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which considered Corkeen as a safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution. Sweden is one of the leading countries regarding finding a solution for more environmentally friendly products for playg…

Articles 31 . May . 2021
Corkeen by Amorim

Taking advantage of the motto that everything in this industry can be used, the Corkeen system, developed and produced by the Amorim group, was born as a unique and totally innovative surface for playgrounds in the markets, produced from a natural raw material - cork. The Corkeen system is safe, complies with EN1176 an…

12 . Jul . 2021
What are the main benefits of the Corkeen system, compared with synthetic and natural playground surfaces?

Before Corkeen, the selection of a retained fall surface system faced the difficult task of simultaneously satisfying the natural, ecological and sustainable materials option, without compromising accessibility and stability during maintenance. In large spaces, where it is important to think about a diversity of soluti…


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