Paris, France

Corkeen system installed at the Amusement Parc Astérix Case Studies

Lots of fun in a safe and sustainable environment

Parc Astérix, located 35 km north of Paris, has an attraction inaugurated in April 2023, called "Toutatis", the highest and fastest rollercoaster in France. With this fantastic attraction, the "Sanglier d'Or" area was born. This space, specially developed for the youngest, has chosen the Corkeen system as an impact-absorbing surface, creating a safe space where children can let their imagination run wild.

The project covers 700 m2, marking the largest application of the Corkeen system in France.

Why choose the Corkeen system?

  • Client: Compagnie des Alpes

    Year of installation: 2023

    Size: 700 m2

    Thickness: 50mm / 90mm / 110mm

    Asterix 3 (1)

Applied solution

Corkeen Play Original was installed in situ by Squaire Services, Corkeen Brand Master for the French market. The system is applied in two layers, a shock absorbing base layer and a wear-resistant top layer.

Developed and produced by Amorim in accordance with strict safety standards (EN1176 and EN1177), the Corkeen system offers state-of-the-art technical performance and maximum safety for children, with a 5-year warranty.

Brand Master: Squaire Services

Squaire Services is the Corkeen brand master for the French market.

Renowned for its quality of services in recreational and sports development, from advice to installation, Squaire Services also offers a selection of high quality compact and flowing damping floors and belongs to the Quali-cité group.

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