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Articles 14 . Nov . 2018
The green solution for playgrounds

Contributing to the goal of carbon neutrality in the cities

26 . Jul . 2017
30 . Nov . 2020
07 . Jun . 2021
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27 . Sep . 2016
Preservation of the cork oak forest

It makes the cork viable in a unique manner, and as a result, the preservation of the cork oak forest, a unique example of green economy, which is based on a balance between economic, social and environmental issues. The constant concern to adopt and reinforce sustainable development practices makes Corticeira Amorim o…

Case Studies 26 . Oct . 2022
Case Studies

Drainage capacity was also a key factor in this choice, as well as the sustainability issue: the new playground was completely renovated, with the remaining playground equipment recycled. The total area of the nursery school's playground is 400m2, of which 100m2 was covered with the Corkeen system. In the remaining spa…

News 28 . May . 2021

Squaire Services, part of the French giant Quali-Cité, is the new Corkeen Brand Master. With the mission for the coming years to turn the country into an inspiring example to follow when it comes to sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, the French business has been adopting various measures and environmenta…

Case Studies 02 . Dec . 2020
Case Studies
Playing in harmony with nature

Surrounded by green, this playground in the city of Varberg, Sweden, uses the Corkeen system as an impact-absorbing surface, creating a safe space where children can let their imagination run wild. The project was developed by KPLN Design AB in partnership with the Corkeen brand master for the Swedish market, Nordic S…

Case Studies 10 . Nov . 2022
Case Studies
Comfort and safety in an open-air maintenance circuit

Park4all is a new sports and leisure park, located in the commune of Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland. It encompasses technical mountain bike courses, a running trail (Finnish track) and a maintenance circuit. The association that manages the park, chose the Corkeen Play system as the safety flooring surface for the mainte…

Case Studies 17 . Dec . 2020
Case Studies
Children's playground in Lisbon is the first Corkeen project in Portugal

The children's playground at Espaço Monsanto, in Lisbon, is the first facility in Portugal to receive Corkeen, an innovative retained fall protection system for playgrounds made of natural cork, developed, and produced by Amorim. Located in the largest Portuguese forest park, the playground has about 90 m2 and has bee…

Case Studies 16 . Dec . 2022
Case Studies
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Sandvik Play, the Corkeen brand master for the Norwegian market, installed the Corkeen Play system in the playground at Nordby School, one of the primary schools in the municipality of Ås, in the South of Norway. With around 300 pupils, the school has a rural setting, surrounded by woodlands and large green areas, wher…

Case Studies 28 . May . 2024
Case Studies
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The Corkeen system was implemented at the Anna C. Verna Playground at Philadelphia's FDR Park (Pennsylvania). Seamlessly blending with the natural landscape, our retained fall protection system covers a vast area of 26,285 sq. ft. in the gorgeous play area, providing safety, well-being, and total accessibility for all,…


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