France already adopts the Corkeen solution for its playgrounds

The Corkeen system becomes part of the Squaire Services portfolio. News

Squaire Services, part of the French giant Quali-Cité, is the new Corkeen Brand Master.

With the mission for the coming years to turn the country into an inspiring example to follow when it comes to sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, the French business has been adopting various measures and environmentally friendly solutions and framed in a Green Cities philosophy.

  • Corkeen Brand Master

    Our business model is based on partnerships with our Corkeen Brand Masters, who represent the brand and its exclusive system.

    Corkeen Brand Masters are companies with recognized experience in the installation of playgrounds, certified by Corkeen to install and train other installers of Corkeen solutions within their geographic territory.

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Squaire Services


Based on years of experience in the installation of playgrounds, Squaire Services ensures turnkey projects in the recreational, sports and urban areas, with the utmost rigor by the safety standards.

Integrated since 2020 in the Quali-Cité company, it is recognized in the French market for being a reference in terms of choice, advice and selection of quality retained fall protection systems.

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