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Why Cork 27 . Sep . 2016
Why Cork

09 . Jul . 2021
What are the main benefits of the Corkeen system, compared with synthetic and natural playground surfaces?

- Most natural components in the system. - Drainage capacity - Smell less than rubber system - Lower temperature - Lightweight material - Lower costs regarding maintenance if compared with loose material like sand or barch.

Articles 14 . Nov . 2018
Cork’s Natural Power

Cork consists of a honeycomb structure, including thousands of microscopic cells, filled by an air-like gas and coated primarily by suberin and lignin. Suberin is the element that makes cork impermeable to liquids and gases, allowing it to age without deteriorating. In addition to its insulation capacity, cork has a se…

03 . Aug . 2021
Why should I choose the Corkeen system over other surface solutions?

It is a safe (retained) surface solution with features of great accessibility. It is made from a natural and sustainable raw material (cork). The system has great drainage capacity, free of chemical contamination, offers lower surface temperatures (due to cork’s natural isolating properties), is odorless, lightweig…


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